About Grundig Bike

High-quality joy of mobility for everyone
Grundig Bike comes from a group of engineers from teknihall Service GmbH (founded in 2021, referred to as THS) who have a strong love for bicycle travel. They see the bicycle as not only a tool but also a source of joy and adventure.
In pursuit of high-quality manufacturing, Modern Creation Luxembourg S.à r.l, an affiliate of THS, purchased all intellectual property rights and operating rights related to Grundig mobility from Grundig Intermedia GmbH and licensed them to THS. Since then, THS has developed its eBike business by partnering with other companies.
But gradually we found that working with other companies could not meet our high standards. Therefore, we began independent research and development and established a service network for Grundig Bike to provide customers with support in repair, installation and maintenance.
The method of self-research and development of products and self-built network demonstrates our determination: by continuously improving the quality of products and services, we will give you, our valued customer, the opportunity to explore the world around you in an environmentally friendly way and experience the experience that can only be achieved by riding a high-quality electric bicycle. The unparalleled sense of freedom that talent can provide.